Marvin and Anne Whiteman - Red Bluff, California

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Exciting Events

Surprising Things Happen In Red Bluff, California

Many events held in Tehama are national competitions.

There are many rodeo events, held at the fairgrounds in Red Bluff, with big name riders coming to compete.

A major bull sale is held each year. People come from long distances to attend.

Of course the County Fair is big and fun.

Just as those from long ago, competitions include food specialties, (jams, jellies, cakes, homegrown produce, etc.), art, sewing, needlework, floral arranging, various exhibits and much, much more.

Plus the usual animal raising and show, with youngsters working hard at raising their special animal in hopes of selling it. Many use the money toward college.

The most popular rodeo is the annual Red Bluff Round-Up. A parade is held in honor of the event with many citizens and groups participating.

Wild horses are run through the main street of town each year during Round-Up. Chili cook-off competitors and street vendors are all part of Round-Up days. The annual Kiwanis pancake breakfast draws huge crowds. Almost everyone turns out for something during the week.

For information on the new Red Bluff Round-Up Museum and scheduled events, click here.

One national event held in Red Bluff is the thrilling Monster Truck Rally.

Taking the kids (up to age 99) to see the Monster trucks is fun.

National boat races are held here, too. They go screaming on the waterway in the middle of town, just a mile or two away from orchards, strawberry fields and farms with animals. What a diverse area!